Friday, November 03, 2006

put some clothes on

This drawn from Interview magazine in 2000, a fashion spread done in the spirit and memory of Kiki (Alice Prin), "The Queen of Montparnasse" - Paris in the earlier 1900s, the movers and shakers of the art world, and she a friend and lover to many of them (or, at least a nude model!). Also an actress, singer and painter in her own right. Audacious and well-loved. I sketched this out on lunch yesterday.

And here, a little eraser-carving I just did tonight, after returning home from work and then a side-trip with Jacque to DIVA (downtown initiative for the visual arts), where a friend opened his own show. Nice work there, Mr. DeLaittre - female nudes in hard pastel and watercolor washes. Another friend of Jacque's was there and said his friend, a sculptor, could not seem to sell any of her nudes. But then she carved a bit of clothing on to her ladies, and they sold just fine. Wot?! That's just weird. I don't understand.


Less than one inch by less than two and a half inches.

There was bread, wine, cheese and other assorted goodies galore, too. My kind of gathering.

Josie walked up the stairs to the deck (all six of them!) all by her very own self this afternoon! Jacque told me this and this is very very good. She's hoping Josie can go for regular (although short) walks soon too. Yip!

Help yourself to some BUSHIDO CAKE!!

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