Friday, November 10, 2006

alpha beta

Well, no I haven't switched over yet. Have you? If so, whaddya think?

After a week-long slump, I finally felt enthusiastic about doing some art. Here's page two of the comic jam Haddock and I are volleying back and forth. You can view the first page this-a-way.

And I am also reading Adrian Tomine's 32 Stories - The Complete Optic Nerve Mini-Comics. Yeah! He's quite good, and I'm laughing my arse off.

Tonight I took myself out to Sweet Life, which is our Patisserie. You walk in and there is the long case of baked confections and the like, and you feel like the kid in the candy store because, are....and they make everything from scratch (natch). I haven't gone out for anything to eat since um...August I think. So really was a treat to be served up a scrumptious piece of pie (we are NOT talking your run of the mill diner pie, although they DO have their place). I went after work, and I hung out at work for about three hours past my shift, so I could copy fold staple the ZINE!! YES!!!

And then I rewarded myself with pie. And then I sat and read Optic Nerve, and since I already have a fondness for things Optic/al and Nervey (yes, this time, I need to post pictures -- what good is that blog just sitting there without pictures, eh? fook!), I really sat down with it and god is it good. I could learn a lot from this guy. And I laughed aloud in lots of places.

Now, I'm going to brew up a nice hot toddy (well, an alcohol-less version, and also without the toddy...what the hell IS a hot toddy? I'm making Inka with almond milk and honey, that is my hot toddy) and watch WEEDS. I keep hearing people sing praises, and I think I am now about ready to tackle another series, since I am starting to come down off the high of Six Feet Under. Takes awhile to digest and recouperate.


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