Saturday, November 18, 2006

orange crush

I'm listening to Chemical Brothers (and PeopleTree Sessions -- it's Milla Jovovitch doing some VERY hot stuff, betcha didn't know she did anything besides bad acting and modeling, right? well this album is the best thing since sliced bread, she croons and loops dubs and breathy lyrics all without sounding campy). And doing my usual thing, here:

it's ATC-sized. I was going for eraser-sized. Now I know how to fit my work for an ATC. Every time I've tried to do a small carving specifically for an ATC, I go way out of bounds. Here's the sketch, you can see the border for the eraser, and down below for the foot, about a million eraser marks. I worked on that foot for a long time!! The picture I was sketching from did not include feet - they're cut off. So I envisioned, and looked in the mirror, and persevered and finally - I just drew a foot and it looked right. COOOL!!!!!!!!! (you can also see my caricature feet below the sketch - har!)

Right then. Thom Yorke's The Eraser is up next. And maybe a movie - been waiting to see Nightwatch, a Russian flick about vampires and creatures of the night. Pretty sure. Wish there were more sci fi and vampire flicks around. With unscary dialogue and no frighteningly bad acting.

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