Sunday, November 12, 2006

night owling

Couple of smaller than regular postcard-sized doodles, and I drew with a gel ink pen on some cardstock, to encourage myself to just DRAW and discourage myself from being too careful and taking it all too seriously in a cramp-my-style-kind of way.

Now I know why I am having a sleepover with myself -- if I'm up 'til late, the street traffic and downstairs lady noise is finally over with for a few hours and I can finally enjoy some freakin' QUIET. I am eating slabs of bread off the loaf I just baked, and also eating a tootsie pop, and staying up WAY past my regular bedtime. I just may make pancakes in the morning and shuffle around in my jimjams until late afternoon, too!


frogstar said...

i particularely like the first one. tres kewl!

Tony LaRocca said...

I like the noir comic-book style- mail me a post card! Enjoy your sleep overs!

V.K. said...

ooh thanks froggy.

hey tony! tankyou - good to see ya! love to send you some mail art.