Tuesday, June 19, 2007

boy howdy

Remember this/these guys/things?

And I always wanted one of those bouncy ball things you could ride. I don't really remember....I don't think I had one, but a neighbor kid did. God I loved it! I still want one! And a pogo stick. And a Big Wheel. Big-kid-sized, of course.

My new landlady said she'd call me on sunday. Last sunday. To let me know when I could move in. I think all three of her rentals became available at once, and she's painting and doing stuff, so she's a busy gal. But I am feeling a little sketched out that I haven't heard from her and it's almost three days later.

I am feeling antsy to get off this godforsaken mountain. And you know how when you want something really really really bad, you can get really really really freaked out that you three times really won't get it after all? I thrice really hate feeling that kind of freaky. Yick. That is why it is easier to not want anything super bad.

No matter what, though, I will NOT spend the winter on Mount Gloom. No fucking way. If I have to sell three quarters of my stuff and live in a (many-windowed) cracker box, then that is what I will do. Anywhere but here. Because I was becoming really a frillion times really depressed thinking about it. (I think the overarching state of the world - that state being pretty fooked up - also adds to the unbearable weightness of being at this point in human 'evolution')

So good. That's decided. Worse case scenario, my new landlady gets abducted by aliens, I can't move in......or they both turn out to be some cult fanatics and try to turn me to The Dark Side......I have a backup plan. I'm willing to sacrifice a lot at this point to live elsewhere (not my soul though, that stays with me).

I think tonight might be the night that I finally start watching (the new) Battlestar Galactica. I haven't even seen the first season, but I've been wanting to for months now.

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