Tuesday, June 19, 2007

beauty and the beast

Yesterday afternoon I went for a bike ride along the river (I spied some volunteer cherry trees, too -- I think I need to avail myself of their bounty today when I go out again). I stopped at Allan Bros. (cafe) and sat out in the SUN, reading, filming, and playing with the digital macro lens on the camera:

Dear god! My leg!!!

Okay well I really don't think of this scar as a wicked monster but it's fun to make big sharp teeth in things. I still don't understand why, after putting stitches in me, the scar spread out like I never had any stitches. It's a gaping mouth, that is for sure. (It was a mole - abnormal cells, but benign, at least when the doc cut it out) (sniff....I miss that mole, it was a cutie)


Wrick said...

may be it's the blob monster a day syndrome.... you see them everywhere once you start watching for them...

hahahahahahaha. oops. delayed reaction. brush your teeth once a week. hahahahahaha. that did crack me up.

hey... does this now mean that monster a week will now apply to showers as well?

V.K. said...

everything's just toothy

I think you're talking about that panel in my zine, monster-a-day, right?

I guess if I had been showering while watching the monsters it would carry over so....I guess I'm glad I don't have a computer in my shower. Hee. Thank god I'm not that addicted....