Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hello? Yes, it's me. Not a ghost in the machine. Macaroon is fixed and purring along beautifully.

And I found a new place to live!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so fanfuckingfastically happy about this I cannot even begin to express it.

Okay well yes I can:

The videos should be available soon - I think YouTube is undergoing some maintenance. So go make some popcorn already. Bring me some Mike 'n Ike's too. Please.

I am so happy, I can make a fool of myself and feel happier. And, I found an awesome radio station that plays "the best of the 80s, 90s, and whatever". It totally rocks! I've been listening to local radio, which is fine, okay good. NPR, okay, I am a morally responsible citizin. But damn.

See I haven't really listened to radio music for years and years. I move in here, and all of a sudden I am all about jazz and shit. New music for my new pad.

Well phoo. Bring me some old Bryan Adams, Bangles, Sting and Bananorama!! A little Thomas Dolby! Pet Shop Boys!!

My new place is sooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooo great. The garden takes up half the state. I live in one side of this couple's house, that they remodeled into an apartment. Downstairs, the living room and kitchen are flanked by windows east, south, and west. Upstairs sports a bathroom (with a window!!!! thank god!!) and more windows east, south, and west. AND a pretty large deck outside the bedroom door. With a fig tree that will be generously donating much fruit in a few months.

Oh my god. I can't believe how much better I feel. I have been so blue since moving.

Hey, and the rent is cheaper there too.

Okay well I gotta get packing.


Zhenia said...

Woot! for the new place! Windows and gardens and quiet are good.

V.K. said...

hhyipeee! are you in your new place?

I realize that I wrote this as though I am already living there...but I'm not. It'll be a couple weeks. Very short weeks, which I will spend in the sunshine when I am not packing.

Wrick said...

way cool on your new spot V.K. - yup, happy would describe those video states of being. hahaha. cool. wow. two short weeks. BING BING BING and the winner is.....


(i hope that worked - well it didnt work as i had originally tagged it... may be it will now tho...) - cool on. and cool in by July, yes! art on.

Anne said...

Hm, you're moving again. Closer to the 'hood?

V.K. said...

I am having nothing but good vibrations about the upcoming move! It's so great (unlike the last time, when I moved in real HORRIBLE feelings, but definitely felt a lot different, not really excited).

I'm moving closer, but still not In Town. Four blocks west of River Road between Howard and Maxwell. Really close to that beautiful bike path along the Willamette though......oh bliss.

Anne said...

VERY cool. I do consider that "in town," though. Great place to be for the summer. You'll have to drop by on one of your rides some time.

V.K. said...

yey! I'm a Townie!

thanks for the invite!

I feel so One Of Us now.