Monday, June 18, 2007

....and I can still walk.

Yesterday the girls and I went up the McKenzie (river) into the mountains, and hiked around Sahalie Falls and Clear Lake. It was Jacque's brilliant idea. I mean it. Brilliant idea, J! We all felt SO good getting out into The Nature. Oh my god and it smelled soooo good up there too.

We were all pretty pooped out by the end there. It was over six miles round trip and while none of us are layabouts, we weren't really thinking to go on such a long walk. As Jacque pointed out, mental preparation was absent.

Sahalie Falls is about sixty miles out, a beautiful drive along the McKenzie. We brought lots of fruit (mmmm fiber!) and snacks but we were SO hungry by the time we were finished. Thank god Sy's Pizza was open when we rolled back into town around ten o'clock.

There are pictures!

And video clips!

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