Thursday, June 28, 2007

three fer the road

For a Watercolor ATC swap over at Nervousness:

Watercolor background with blown ink; ink and watercolor figures collaged to surface.

I found some old ATCs with ink blown over a watercolor background, then I drew and watercolored the figures and collaged them to the surface.

Tomorrow after work I meet with Kit, my new landlady, to exchange money for keys to the new pad! I'll do some measuring to see where things can fit and look around once more.

I need a name for this space. I mean, it's not really an apartment in the hotel-style apartments that are what we think of when we say 'apartment'. I would sound pretentious to say it's a 'flat' because in the States we don't say that. It's sort of a house, but it's one portion of their house converted apartment.

One thing I know, it already feels like Home.


mcglinch said...

like that collage action. i need to find some time to explore techniques more -- you're inspiring fun.

btw, that nervousness link at the start of your post is malformed...check it out

V.K. said...

likewise on the inspiration front! I've been doodling in pen on the bus, paring it down to basics, and it's great fun.

yeargh, thanks for the heads up on the broken link -- I fixed it once already, will try once again!

carra said...

These are great, very inspirational! I might try something like that too, if you don't mind of course.

Penny said...

Fab ATCs, Victoria ;). In Victoria :D, we refer to the type of pad you're relocating to as a *suite*. Sweet! :) Good Luck!

V.K. said...

Carra/Mystery Woman....go for it! And thanks for stopping by, whoever you are :)

Hi Penny! A Suite...awwww, that IS great. That's a really appropriate description. Thanks for that. And for your comments and hellos and good lucks too :) I'm all moved in now, and tonight I am back online and playing a little catch-up. I looooooove it here.