Wednesday, June 06, 2007

World's Tallest Monster

I did my second segment for Stefan Bucher's World's Tallest Monster. He originated it and invited any-and-everyone to play. You can too! The first time, I printed out the template and drew the segment by hand and sent it to Stefan via USPS. This time, I drew stuff and imported to Photoshop and did some other stuff in Photoshop, working with his template on the computer and emailed it to him. Hey for me, this is a giant leap :^)

I need to take my Mac in this afternoon, so I'll be offline for about a week probably. Of course if time allows I can hook in from the library. Right off the bat this morning, after I powered up this baby, it shut itself down while I was in the loo. Nothing more has happened this morning yet though. If all goes well, the AppleCare will cover whatever is going on (probably hardware) and it'll be a simple switch out of somethingorother.

I'll just....hang on...oof....strap it to my bike and be on my way. Nahhhh..the Mac Store is only four blocks from the bus station. I can probably carry it that far. Borrow some punk's skateboard and use that for a moving platform.

God! One damn thing after another. I'm already going through stupid withdrawals. Maybe it'll be good for me. Being computerless for a week or so.

oh the horror

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