Sunday, June 03, 2007

LA LA LA!!!!

Everybody has something to say, sing, or something!!

And I'm sayin' I'm so happy it is sunny and warm!

Went for another bike ride and coffee trip this afternoon. And I'm heading out to meet the girls for some Sy's Pizza. Yeah baby.


ellipsisigh said...

Hey there V,
I like the compositional energy in this one...I can really hear the LA LA LAs....8^D


V.K. said...

thanks, A.K.!

I really enjoyed doing this. There's a lot of energy in it, I think, too; I'm glad that communicated :)

mcglinch said...

very nice. way to capture the 'unscrupulous' 'business' in the billboard.

V.K. said...

Hey thanks - that was a total accident; I didn't plan the billboard, or the building, or anything around those words. Nice that you noticed.

It's the Bad Spock dude! Your avatar doodle rocks. So do your other doodles.