Monday, June 18, 2007

howdy doody

...well, I ain't no Banksy, that is for sure.

I have no spray paint, so I sponged the stencil with some cheap acrylic paint instead. I like that effect but I think the image could be stronger somehow.

Maybe I need to narrow those eyes.

I did some altered pages, too, last week. I was feeling good to be doing art and just messing around even though the stuff I'm doing the last few days doesn't really excite me the way some of my other art does. There's a lack of zing, which maybe I'm willing to sacrifice in the name of messing about, spontenaiety, and experimentation:

This was a fun idea to try and carry off:

"Listen to me!"

In the States we have a saying, 'like talking to a brick wall'.

Hand carved stamps, markers, on a 6x4" piece of cardboard.

I sure don't FEEL zingless! I'm happy as a clam at high tide, as the saying goes. You know that saying. Yeah well, getting off this godforsaken mountain is going to totally rock my world.

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