Monday, June 18, 2007


Hey I didn't post one of my favorites over here! Did this one when my computer was away getting new parts that work properly. After I drew and painted this, I watched Miyazaki's Porco Rosso, about seaplane pirates and one is a pig. Sounds weird? Well......not really. It's an absolutely charming and gorgeous animated film by one of the world's greatest animated filmmakers.


frogstar said...

i loooove miyazaki!
i loooooved porco rosso, but my alltime favourite is still spirited away. bee-eautiful.

V.K. said...

yeah....I've seen Spirited Away at least a half dozen times. I love that one, too. I wasn't so charmed by Howl's Moving Castle, though. Darn it. I wonder if he'll make any more - I read somewhere that before Howl's, he'd sworn off films and had finished his career.