Saturday, June 02, 2007

glory glory

experimenting a bit with more pencil and not as much ink....hmmmm....could be stronger but I like how this evolved. Started out as something pretty much completely different.

This is a little something I whipped up (ha! like I just pulled it out of my....hat!). It's for Stefan Bucher's project. He invites everyone to play...he's the originator of Monster A Day, where he blows ink around and then films himself drawing a monster off it. Great fun. Check it out!

For this particular piece, I used his 'open source inkblot'. It's the tenth one he's made available. He makes a blowey ink blottey, and you can download it, print it out, send it to him, or dink around in Photoshop and email it back to him after you've made your own monster incorporating the ink blot. I drew some stuff in pen, imported it, and used his ink blot as wings. This monster is mighty hungry and pretty stoked about finding an all-night diner.

Photoshop. A steep learning curve, but as addictive as any video it!

Absolutely gorgeous here the last few days. Today I went out and about on my bike, rode along the river, and stopped at Paul's Bicycle to ask if they'd look at my wobbly wheel. Was like...I was riding on a grooved surface. They were able to give me an estimate and do the needful work on it right away - they rock. So, instead of me buying insurance for my car, I bought a new rear wheel, and new bearings for the front, and now it's a dream ride :) I always feel so good about spending money on my bike. I always do it grudgingly when it's my car.

While I waited for the gal to fix my bike, I read more Squee:

by Jhonen Vasquez

While sitting in the SUN SUN SUN SUN. I've never laughed, chortled, snickered and wheezed so much. He's an amazing artist and a kick-ass storyteller. I was sooooooo hungry, I actually treated myself to a muffin, with a free coffee, which I iced up and put lots of cream and sugar in. Whoah it was so good I will be thinking about it forever.

Wish I wasn't so damn tired, there is so much fun yet to be had. I guess it'll wait 'til tomorrow.

oh yeah I did this earlier too:

Yer basic postcard size....4x6", Sharpie®, markers, hand-made stamps.


mcglinch said...

i'm enjoying your stuff! That's not the Midtown III in Philly is it in your creature inkblot thingie? sends chills down me spine.

V.K. said...

hey thanks! so cool of you to stop by!

I grabbed the photo off the internet, let me see if I could find it again....

It's on this blog:

I haven't yet figured out/read enough of your blog -- are you in Philly? Why are you chilly??

I think it is in Philedelphia. I'm looking at the tags on Whoever's blog.....