Tuesday, June 05, 2007

when it rains.....

.....yes, definitely. I am SO glad that my extra weekend day was hot and sunny (remember the 85 degree day?? it was real). Today it is sixty measly degrees, and raining. There was a small break, so I hauled on my biking clothes and shot out the door. I covered 3/4 of my ride before it started pouring down. Not bad!

The weather is like a menopausal woman. Hot cold hot cold. I'm wishing for one long hot flash, awright?!

The coons are at it again. All that testosterone, screaming and clawing at each other. I hope it's not a cat they've got hold of. Fuck.

I spent much minutes today trying to figure out Flash, and watching tutorials, and all I think I suceeded in doing was frying my brain out. I am positively dumb today.

And remember how I said everything was going down the shitter, but as long as my computer and bike held fast, I was okay with the rest? Well my computer is shutting down unexpectedly all of a sudden, as unexpectedness often happens. For no apparent reason. It's not hot, I don't know what the hell is going on. I did a big search, and emailed myself files of forums, and.....guess we'll see what happens. Fuck.

Trials of the modern-day living, yah? Geeeeez. Ridiculous.

Back to the basics:

more fun with homemade stamps!

postcard sized, 4x6"

Open Book

This is a good one to enlarge by clicking

Tonight I:

The gal next door is sooooo ready to be unpregnant. She's overdue, but only by a day. So any second now. I bet she is so ready. I hope that little punter is a happy baby, for all our sakes. Did I already write that? I don't relish the idea of a squalling child.

I am feeling a little sour today.

Milk and cookies, anyone?

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