Tuesday, April 24, 2007

two's day

*yawn* Where has my energetic self gone? Must be a drop in barometric pressure. All I wanna do is sleep. Well no, not really. I wanna move mountains. Well, no...not really.

I did a little zine with some gals over at Nervousness. I mean, I finally did my pages so that I could print the little sucker up and send it out. It's been months. Ack.

So I'm just sitting here at the computer desk, facing out and watching a fluffy-tailed grey squirrel dig around in the freshly mulched front 'yard'. I did a video thing but it's kinda boring so I'll skip posting it. The squirrel was really active but then when I pointed the camera at it, it went stone-still. How could it see me all the way over here? That Canon Powershot has a kick-ass zoom lens on it!

Got some wonderful (irreverent - snicker) mail art from Los Haddock.

Here comes the fat grey cat who likes to bring the boys twigs. I happen to have a picture that I snapped last week, of said cat with a mouthful of dead vegetation:

For all his fatness, he is still very graceful. When he hops up on the bridge railing again, I'll post a video if he does those crazy acrobatics.

Here's the other fat cat, but his belly is not so splendidly displayed to its full advantage. Trust me, it's there:

Here are a couple more LeRoy's!

I just slurped the most delicious smoothie. Frozen pineapple, papaya, and a banana (not frozen) with some sugared milk and ice cubes. WOW. My friend Kendra moved to Germany (Koln) for several months and gave me food from her freezer, fridge, and larder. Among all that was frozen fruit and yogurt and I've started making smoothies in the afternoons that I am home.

oh yum.

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