Monday, April 16, 2007

land hoe

Okay look. Will someone please tell me what just happened? I lost an hour. Last time I checked, it was 9:30 and I was feeling so confident that I would actually get to bed before midnight. Now it's ten thirty and I've not done any PT, or teeth cleaning. No seriously, those two things combined take a good half hour. Ahhhh well. Hurry up and blog, Victoria!

What a great day. I stayed indoors alll day long. Felt crappy yesterday, 'cause I bonked, hard. Took me HOURS to recover - but a great day, since we did breakfast and the kids were fun to be with and we mowed and weeded and bought stuff for a garden, and planted...I think I'm overrun with pollen. So I stayed in today. Felt a bit woozy today too. Lots of catching up on miscellaneous art projects. A nice, slow day, and...quiet. Soooo quiet. No shrieking tires on pavement, or unmuffled mufflers, or shouting people at the bus stop. I really like my new digs up here on the mountain.

Here's a page in a cohort's small art journal I made, after spending considerable time just doodling and then carving several very small stamps (they're one inch by one inch):

Me like!

And, I am now the proud owner of some Graham Annable. Dude that writes and illustrates some of my favorite graphic novels (Grickle, Stickleback). I found some really amazing deals on eBay.

Also, more Haddock!. Now he's on my bus route, and I'm on his! That pretty much rocks right there.

I'm catching up on posts for my Mail Art call, too. That feels good.

Froggy landed in Oz. Won'tcha say hello to her? You can if you go here. Her pics on Flickr are pretty damn cool, too. Brave Froggy!!!

I am sure looking forward to all the harvesting once the garden is established (chard up the wazoo!!). We may do one up here, too. And there is potential for a third. Oh yeah baby.

Wait a minute!! Where am I gonna get the time to do all that stuff?

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