Wednesday, April 04, 2007

first print

First print in the new studio :-)

This time I'm doing a little water/color action in there too.

Yes, it's been an intense week. What is new? But this one takes the cake. Sometimes I wonder just who am I really, because my moods shift and present themselves unrelentingly and there is still a part of me who can stand back and witness all the cacophony.

I'll post more art later, since I've actually been doing art this week! What a freakin' relief! And I've been savoring a Hickee. The website is run by a bunch of artists whose graphic novel/comic compilation I'm sucking on. One of those artists is Graham Anable, who authors Grickle, which is absolutely brilliant. So all of this informs my own art, of course. Which I will post later, like I said at the outset.

Cue theme song:

Time to do physical therapy and go to bed.

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