Thursday, April 12, 2007

past present

So more on the shadow theme that's popping up lately in my can be a brain-tickler for me, with the perspective. Here are a couple that I like, for a swap with the theme "Green Only". The cards are ATC (2.5 x 3.5") sized:

And then this evolved. It's 3.5 x 5", postcard-sized. Title is 'The Cut-Up':


I am now officially released from PT. Although I'm still to do my exercises. Until the twelfth of never. Naww, only until my wrist isn't so stiff and I feel like I need to. Apparently the whole healing process takes about a year. Having experienced the type of break and serious damage/bruising, I can see why.

After PT on tuesday I biked over to Oregon Art, bought several sheets of paper, and used their cutting board and blades and stuff. Nice! Wow, that is some serious time to do all that. Like, over an hour. You'd think maybe fifteen minutes? Noooo. Great that they offer that space and the tools though. I liked being in one place for a span of time. I do that at work, at home, and at friends, but not in any other public places that often. I like observing the rhythm of things, and how other people spend their days in their worlds.

I bought some bright colored railroad (poster board, basically) to print on, after being inspired by a print that fellow mail artist Pablo Wright sent me. You can check out his impressive and interesting site right here, at the Anti Robot Inundation Army. These saturated colors are inundating my apartment. It's great.

I'm outta here! Time to work at the libary!


Anne said...

Can I swear on your blog? 'Cuz I just have to say fu-u-uck! The shadow art is AMAZING-- something within that resonates hard. That top card also has this wonderful dated quality to it. I'd fuckin' buy it if you'd fuckin' sell it to me....

I tried to resist... but I can't... your work is captivating, insightful, comedic, serious, and so many other things. You've become one of my favorite artists to watch. Damn. Thanks.

V.K. said...

Anne! Fuckin' A, it's good to see ya! Holy shit, how the hell ya been?

yeah it's okay if you curse on my blog :) You really crack me up.

And blow me away! I mean wow. Thanks for the uplift. It's so cool that what you say you see in my art and feel when you look at it are things that I feel too. I like so much that it's communicated visually like this.

And gives me hope that I really COULD sell some art! I don't wanna give up my day job or nothin' but a few bucks a month would be sooo coool.

I hope you're doing well and being you own kick-ass creative self!

Anne said...

HELL YEAH, you could sell it! You're damn good. Your intuition is spot on, and you somehow have the translation skills within to get that from your lovely twisted vision into tangible form.

The creation process is fascinating to me. I mean, do you start with a vision already in your head? Or does it take shape as you go? Or both and varying degrees in between? When I write music, sometimes the whole thing pops out in an hour or so like I'd hatched an egg that had been incubating inside (often unbeknownst...). Other times, I start with a kernel and work outward from that.

Random Q: Are you a DeviantArt member?

Oh, and Monty Python? Don't get me started! (Ministry of Silly Walks t-shirt owner, here....) Sorry I've been out of touch. Confidence matters. I'll try to be better. Cheers.

V.K. said...

Hey thanks again for articulating :)

I know! Creative processivity! It's this mutable tantrummy lovely blooming sometimes elusive thing. I think the vision and the organic growth as I go happens, both in varying degrees, yeah. Sometimes I am directly inspired by another artist and that is where my ideas come from. Sometimes it seems so random - "Where did THAT come from?"

I'm not a DeviantArt member, no. One more thing to upload pictures to....and maintain. But, thanks for the reminder, it is another avenue I may explore.

It's always good to see/hear you, whenever you pop out of your burrow :) I'm the same way. Goes in cycles.