Sunday, April 08, 2007

bacon and eggs

Ah yes, here it is again, waxing towards midnight and I'm pretending to be nocturnal. Aaaaany second now, I expect to crash. Especially after the sugar intake tonight. Supper with Jacque, Marsha and the kids (AWESOME lasagna, they gave me leftovers! Schweet!). Ginger brew afterwards, then strawberries over angelfood cake with cream.....and then chocolate (but of course? how could there NOT BE CHOCOLATE?). And in the middle of all that, Jacque and I did some inkblot monster doodles inspired by The Good Egg, Stefan Bucher and also an easter egg hunt. I forgot today was one of those holidays. If it weren't for the kids.......why, I'd not have scored all the chocolate I did!

Weird holiday things. The whole holiday thing is weird, I tell you!

My neighbors are turning out to be SO very cool. I dig it mightily. There is a couple next door (she is pregnant....please be a happy baby, please be a happy baby...) who were looking at some flowers underneath a tree, out front. Justin goes, "Hey did you see the rattlesnake plantain growing under the duh-duh-duh (lost the botanical name of the tree it is growing under)?" And I say no....oh! Yeah! Those are so happy looking I saw some over there and we go talk-talk-talk.

The next morning they knock on my door (my curtains are open when I'm awake) and say, "Hey, that flower is actually a white faun lilly." Well thanky for the update, neighbors! I mean really. That is too cool. Stacey on the other side just moved in too (we're all three households new in the last month or so) and did I mention, she's my physical therapist's secretary?? (also, they happen to be brother and sister) She made cookies twice last week. So again with the score, she's been gifting me the gift of chocolate chip cookies.

Been working on some ATCs for a 'Things That Fly' swap and this is what I've come up with:

(it's a one-armed, one-horned flying purple people MEETER...or Greeter)

And here's another print. I was trying for a chinese new year thing, since it's the year of the pig ya know...then for some reason I thought about Space Hogs...and it morphed into 'when Pigs Fly'.

What I love about my new place:

- no more defrosting the freezer!
- the sound of rain on the roof and the fan vents
- no second-hand smoke stench oozing out from under the sink from downstairs neighbor Eva

- Very nice and roomy entry-way, with linoleum, and a big closet.
- trails galore right outside my front door
- did I mention it's quiet???

So there you have it. And I'm for bed.

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