Tuesday, April 24, 2007

everything's zen

This is a postcard sized very very very mini-zine! Okay it's a very very very mini comic. Encapsulating all you will ever need to know about the way of the sputtering wu-li master and enlightenment. I drew up four little drawings, went for a hike, and after settling back in, I carved for...what?...two hours? About a half hour per stamp, yeah that's about right. They're the size of erasers. Because they are carved from erasers.

Tomorrow is All Staff Day. Did I mention this? It means we meet as a Group to become Enlightened in the ways of Communication and other nonsense. A bunch of lame workshops that our City Division comes up with and we sit around all day listening to a bunch of lip service. Some of it is well-intentioned but honest to zen, it is NOT a thrill ride. So I'm wondering how surreptitious I can be sitting in the back row, scribbling 'notes' while I am actually writing to my pals overseas. I'm due for some letter-writing that I did not accomplish this weekend! I'll be toting along a wee sketchbook, too.....wish me luck. I'm riding my bike home so hopefully that will be my saving grace after sludging around in a seat all damn day.

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