Saturday, April 28, 2007

satyr day

Hola and good morning-o. I survived All Staff Day. Actually, it was even a little bit fun. Even though I couldn't really eat any of the food (soy lurks in EVERYTHING and besides other euwey things it does to my hormones...I would not want everyone in the rooms to smell my worse than dog-fart farts after eating, since most prepared/commercial food contains soy in one form or the other)...even though I didn't eat any of the food, I still obtained plenty of freebies. Like, cool pens and markers and post-its, pads of paper and such. And a screaming monkey. Since we are 'Bananas for LRCS' (library recreation cultural services). No I am serious. It was great. All of our lanky stuffed monkeys (that you can also slingshot and make 'fly') were screaming all day long. What? Of course there will be videos!

But not right now. This video is from Ze's site, in his interactive toy area. The design differs every time you log in, and responds to sound. Here's one called Meditation Flowers, with some of my sounds:

He is a total nutjob, in the best possible way. Lots of good stuff over there (some of you may have already tried out his Scribbler toy)!! (I just watched the 'how to dance properly'...I'm dyin', here, soooo funny)

Incidentally, Frank Ze is going to write the forward for Stefan Bucher's forthcoming Monsters Book!! Of which I and all the other story-writers for each of the 100 monsters will be a part of. We'll be in print! The book is slated for release next February. Here's a peek at the cover and some other newsworthy news:

100 Monsters Book

I gotta get my tookus in gear. Work today!


Anne said...

Hmmm, the lesser of two evils? I'll take the probe! Hahaaaa!

Hey, I added another video to YouTube, in case you're interested.

Hope you're having a smashing weekend.


V.K. said...

you funny girl! love it.

Your video is a beauty - nice sunday morning viewing.

My weekend is definitely relaxifying. Hope you enjoy this fine weather we've got goin' on.