Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm just gonna go with it.

All this falderol is a nice foil to the hormonal hell. Damned if I'm not going through The Change earlier than the average gal. I totally snapped at someone today, a stranger...I went back and apologized, but oh my god. What the hell. I'm just glad that she hadn't boarded the bus, and the bus hadn't gone on its merry way. I still wanna cry some more about that one but I gotta just...breathe it on out, man.

Anyone got a suggestion or two for Cake's Kissing Cousin's name?

Leroy and El Roy come to mind right away for some reason. Earborn. Potsy?


frogstar said...

elroy! yes!
and big warm hugs for your hormonal self.
i'd come over with cupcakes if i was closer.
(why is it that every comment of late seems to end with "if i was closer"?)

V.K. said...

tanks froggy!

Someone just sent me a little care package (Trish) and she included, of all cupcake baking cups!

(if we met somewhere in the middle, where would that be?? and could we bake cupcakes there?)