Monday, April 30, 2007

breathe in....and in...and....pop!

This is for Zhenia, since she passed on to me a watercolor deco (small art journal) made for her. I haven't done an ink and watercolor for awhile - I was referencing my own self when I did a series of them last May. How DID I do that? I think I was playing more and thinking less about 'can I sell my art?'. I think I get stressed out being way too perfectionistic and goal-oriented.

I gotta keep remembering to breathe! Flow! Be one with the bullshit monkey mind! Toss it a banana every once in awhile. Pet it. No don't spank it! Well, okay.

What the hell am I saying? I'm actually sinking down into...


and immersing myself in


I've had this terrible crick in my neck and back since wednesday morning. I really messed it up sleeping weirdly, I think. But it's a constant reminder of how much I really tighten up. What am I anticipating? A blow to the back of my head? My own forehead smack? Gotta lighten up, baby.

Saw these from a Russian artist last oh man he makes it look so easy! I love it I love it I love it. Check out Barandash's blog. I've yet to browse his/her website. My whole body responds to this art, it is pretty amazing how that works.

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