Sunday, April 29, 2007

fibery goodness

Yes, our LeRoy loves Horny Hog Flakes. I don't know what that little animal stamp is that I made, but I really like it and it deserves a place in the LeRoy Hall of Fameness in the Mail Art Annals to Haddock! I may need to do another one with that little critter. It's kind of a hedgehog, kind of a truffle-hunter, kind of an anteater.

My dad sent me a transcript of a letter/essay that my brother Christopher wrote in 1992. As I understand it, my father has just found this. It's like gold. I've been thinking about it all day - I received and read it this morning. There was so much about my brother that I don't know but this really helped fill in some gaps. I wish I knew more of his stories. In this exposé, Chris wrote about who really influenced him and why. Mostly it was our Dad. They did stuff together I had no idea...marathon waterskiing, and trips down Southern Utah. In a way, I'm envious. My life was so different with my mother. Sure, we went places, but it was...I think it was different. We moved around a lot, those were the kinds of places we went. Oh maybe it's like comparing apples and oranges. I'm glad that my brother's wish to stay with our Dad were uncontested - I think that was the best thing for Chris.

The last lines that my brother wrote were, "Finally had the bike in rideable condition, after even buying 2 cans of black paint to paint the frame while it was stripped down. Then I inflated the tires, mounted up, and opened a new door to the rest of my life." And he really did. He spent a lot of time in the saddle. I think he started riding when he was just out of high school. I remember when he sent mom and I a picture of him with his first 'real road bike'.

Kind of spooky that he wrote this thing eight years and two days before he died. None of us know how long the rest of our lives are. Why is it so difficult to understand this and live accordingly? Maybe it's because of the blessing and bane of our existence, what taoists and buddhists call 'monkey mind'.

Which reminds me...I'm thinking of setting up shop at Cafe Press and Etsy. And I am toying with the shop name of 'Simian Says'. Whatcha think? Maybe I need to go even simpler? It might be taken already anyhow....

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