Wednesday, April 11, 2007


My brother, Christopher, el oh vee ee deed Monty Python. He would act out the scenes and get giddy as hell. It was pretty intense - manic! Especially the bit about shrubbery in...I dunno, Life of Brian? Or was that Holy Grail? Well there's one scene in Holy Grail where the pointy-hatted coroner and his cronie are walking through the streets, clanging and calling, "Bring out your dead!" This one guy's not even close to dead ya know..."But I'm happy! I'm happy!"

I think I would find it funnier, now that I'm closer to my brother's age when he died. Today, seven years ago, he went down when this blood clot lodged in his lung. So how about that shit. I didn't grow up with him but we got to know one another a lot better in the year prior to his death. Which is really cool. His very last email to me was like two lines, and he emailed me either very late the night before he died, or that morning. "I haven't heard much about your artsy-fartsy stuff - what's up?"

Well here ya go, Chris. In memory of my big bro, who woulda been 45 this year. Trust me, he would appreciate the morbid humor.

I printed so many trials on this one, the most ever. And it's still not the greatest. I swear to god, it was like.......trying to raise the dead, to get a satisfactory print outta this!