Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday May 21

Will someone please remind me what I'm supposed to remind myself to do or not do when I feel like this*?

* spaced-out; unmotivated; tired; distracted; unfocused; weepy

Go buy a coffee and a pack of smokes, you say? Oh right!! Yeah ha ha kidding. Ugh.

The interview with the Ford Family Scholarship folks yesterday went fine; I mean it didn't go badly but afterwards I felt all raw and like I wanted to cry, throw up, eat and crawl under a rock all at once.

"So I'm missing something here - why don't you go to art school?"

Um, like, it's $30,000 a year. Oh hang on, let me just pull that out of my ass. What do you mean, what's stopping me?! Sure it might be possible, but I'm jus
t barely wrapping my head around the idea of putting myself into debt to go to community college. I know people do it, and I aim to find out how, but I felt rankled about that question. She seemed like a really sweet person and all but has she ever known a hard day in her life?!

Whoah. That's totally unfair. What is going on with me today. I'm positively volcanic on the emotional scene. She did say I did great at the close of the interview. Ugh. No lip service please.

I'm going to draw some more freakish bunnies to send to Italy for a show. And listen to BBC radio on the internet. I don't even care what they're saying, it just sounds so lovely. I know that's such an American response to British accents, but it is completely and utterly true: I think it's all very beautiful and much more interesting than American accents.


Adamandia said...

Maybe you should try eating some lovely chocolate...

V.K. said...

yes, I think that is a righteous idea!! :)