Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday May the sixth

oh my golly I have to go lie down I did all my math homework it's ten o'clock and I'm utterly knacked after a wonderful ride to and from school with sunshine and lots of good art and conversation sandwiched in between not to mention a helluva run-on sentence

(huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh - deep breath)

I started the ink and watercolor above last night, wasn't happy, but didn't wallow or go down That Road. This morning I reworked it and felt more excited and happy about it!

Upon arriving at school I discovered that I lost my glove but I didn't lose it or go down That Road; instead I saddled up and retraced my route in. Found the glove not too far off. yessssss.

Our Mr. G. asked what I wanted to draw today and I said, gestures! figures! on newsprint! you promised us newsprint and gestures! Nope, he wasn't going for that. But he did bring out some pieces of face painted white. Um. Yeah!

Yesterday I copied these off. It'll fulfill a few functions: fun, mail art, and a class assignment (I chose the DaDa if you'll remember, this is just an extra goody in addition to that collage piece):

And finally, I just really like this. A lot. O yasumi nasai! (that's goodnight, in japanese; alternatively, konbanwa)

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