Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wednesday may 05th

sun/rain/sun/rain/wind/hail/sun/wind: what am I? Answer: a typical Eugene spring day.

On the right you'll see I added a link to my galpal's Etsy shop. She's a formidable artist. I recommend you buy something from her, pronto.

This morning I saw that squirrel who was munching a the hell you spell?...biscuit. Wow. Kinda like bisquit though. Anyway, that squirrel (pretty sure it's the same one) was stuffing something else in its mouth: the row cover. It's a really long swath of fabric that is designed to cover your crops and protect them from elements (and bugs......and squirrels, maybe). This squirrel's eyes are bigger than its jowls. I mean, there are five feet of fabric there!

I trotted out there, shoo'ed the critter away (damn humans!) and covered the raised bed properly this time, anchoring it with rocks and bricks. The squirrels climb over chicken wire fences I erect (to keep the cats from using the beds as their litter boxes) and insist on digging holes......right where I plant fresh cauliflower starts, for instance. Argh.

Did I write about the full load of classes I signed up for? Must be off my nut. Math, Art (intermediate Drawing), Communications, and a Biology. Last two are offered online. 15 credit hours. In eight weeks. Yeehaw! It's funny -- last term when I was eyeballing the requisites for Speech/Communications I thought yeah right, why take a communications class through distance learning?? Preposterous! ha ha! Look what I ended up doing! It's a good way to stuff in some classes though, I, I anticipate that the material covered in Communications is something I, uh, do on a daily basis (no really, I think about everything so damn much, almost as much as my brain is off the hook...I'm bound to be on board with the course material and I can do practicums on my landlady).

okay, walking it out now......

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