Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday May 19

Mr. G commented on the second of two drawings from yesterday, that I was making some really nice lines - very painterly. I don't think he's bullshitting or putting on that 'pump you up' voice either. I hope not; that would piss me off. No - he sounded sincere. I mean, he's probably always sincere in encouraging students. There is something to be said for a mature artist with years under his belt regarding my work as progressing and painterly. Especially because I want to progress, and I do love the painterly.

Today both of the rides to and from school were rain-free. Amazing, considering this crazy spring weather and all the rain bursts that march across the sky all day. The birds are so happy, singing full-throated all the time. I love it.

Tomorrow is the interview for the Ford Family Foundation Scholarship. Relax. And breathe.

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