Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hump day, may 12

And we're almost over the other side of the month as well! Four weeks left in the Term, including finals week, which isn't that big of a deal for me personally. The biggie will be a comprehensive in Albegra, otherwise known as Algebra.

Our instructor for drawing class has once again cancelled, for tomorrow. I feel disappointed. I've been looking forward to academic rigor and classroom studio. In this term of twenty classes total, two have been cancelled and two others were shortened by so much that we didn't draw AT ALL. I realize that shit happens, and our Mr. G probably has some family stuff he's dealing with. But isn't it interesting that I'm raring to go, and I'm being 'forced' to slow down, at least in terms of formal education credits.

I was pretty enraged about it, earlier in the term. Now, not so much. There's no use in fighting - in trying to shoulder aside a boulder, you know? Certain wheels just turn slowly. I think I've basically dented my forehead against that boulder so much that I'm tired of doing that........maybe I'm going to practice non-resistence for awhile, eh?

Anyway, I've introduced this wild hair up my ass: going to the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland. It might not be such a wild hair; it might be a viable option. What led to this? Well:

Overhearing a conversation about transfer credits in the hall at Lane; a few appointments with advisors at U of O, where I'm planning on transferring. I've learned how to cut out a whole lot of courses by doing a direct transfer instead of an Associate Transfer.

Started wondering what other sorts of courses are required for art schools......namely, the one in Portland. Will I need so much math? How about a foreign language? Curious, I started poking around their website last night. Between last night and tonight I've spend a chunk of time nosing around, and asking questions over the phone.

I'm going up on Friday to meet with an admissions counselor. She'll give me a tour, and we'll do an informal sort of interview, which includes me presenting my portfolio. I've filled out an online application, and amended my FAFSA to include PNCA as a school I'm considering attending, so that the college will have access to my financial aid info.

Just, you know, starting the process in case I go there, fall in love with the place and the vibe, and could possibly swing a scholarship or two and some inflated loans. I'm down with it! I'm totally down with it!

Committing to myself on the level that enables me to not only entertain the notion of racking up huge debt but actually accept loans is a HUGE step for me. Even though I haven't used the Stafford Loan money awarded to me for Spring Term, it's in the bank, and I'm willing to dip into it and hell, even drain it dry.


If PNCA just doesn't ring true for me, maybe it will another year, or maybe it's just not for me; I anticipate that I'll know when I see the place. I'm certainly not overjoyed about U of O's program, but I will definitely go there if that's what I can swing (and be funded for) -- and I feel confident that I will also learn a good deal.

This is one of the places I'm finding to trust, as per John Cage's advice (tips for students and teachers, that I posted in two five-point chunks). Trust that I'll know which direction to go in; GO in that direction; and trust that whatever experience presents itself or that I'm in, I'll really invest myself in that experience and know that (cheesy as it sounds) I'm going to learn something valuable.

See that glass? Hot damn! It's half full!

PNCA offers (as art schools do....) different specialized programs within the BFA program. And Illustration is one of them. In this program, students create their own graphic novels. It says so right on the website!!! When I read that last night I felt my heart turn over in my chest. Like.....oh my god......I could receive formal education in a field of my choosing, right down to the graphic novel? Which is one of my DREAMS? Wow. It's amazing, really - sequential art has risen in stature!

U of O doesn't offer any Illustration.

God - moving again?

Sure. Why not.

Portland is the best little big city, I keep hearing.

Even if I stay in Eugene, just thinking about and initiating this trajectory is a big deal for me. The act of purposeful/intent and willingness to risk (the unknown, big debt, uprooting again) is a really big deal.

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