Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tuesday May 18

Up early for registration aaaaaannnd........I landed all the classes I outlined for myself! Last-minute change, which I might change again. Sorry, boring school talk AGAIN. God, this morning seems like an aeon ago. WHAT in the HELL happened to the day?! No I am seriously serious. I'm a bit stunned. I feel kind of frantic, a rising sort of panic, when I think back on the day and I know I moved deliberately through it, and still it's a sort of blurry dream-thing. It's like a succession of altered states, all day and all night. I might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride, eh?

gird the loins!

buckle the seatbelts!

batten the hatches and bring plenty of dramamine!

HEY I finished Basic Design collages......fuck yeah woo! Now we're doing our Final Project: an Exquisite Corpse, self-portrait. Oooookay!!!

We drew NON-WHITE objects in drawing class today....fuck yeah woo! Our Mr. G lined up three vessels with highly reflective surfaces (tea pots and suchlike). And handed out white charcoal to those of us using vine and pressed.

ack I need sleep, my eyes are crossing

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