Friday, January 18, 2008

sho' you right

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I don't smoke any more? I think of this lately because of how frikkin' COLD and WET and WINDY it is outside, and I never could abide smoking indoors. If I still wanted a cigarette, I'd be torn between my burning desire for nicotine and my burning desire to stay put where it's relatively warm (i.e., inside these four walls).

O what will I do when I move to Baja? No more deterrents!

Kidding, kidding. I won't smoke when I move to Baja.

Kidding, geeez! Like I'd move to Baja. How the hell would I make a living down there?

Oh but the warm weather.........probably can't grow a garden down there too easily though.

Shit it's cold here.

The other morning, there was opportunity for me to sleep until nine o'clock. But a certain next door neighbor was banging around like, what, he was ripping out walls or building a new wing off the master bedroom. Crikey!!!!! Nice guy, love the guy, but he's not one to keep it down at 7:30 in the morning. Actually, he's told me he can tune out most noise.

Love ya man, but shut the fuck up, eh! Heh heh.

I'm going to watch Johnny Depp now. Last night I tried to watch Transformers. I was horrified. Lines from the movie:

"Are you sure she's smiling? Maybe she farted?" (husband said to wife of new baby girl)
"No, she's a lady."

I let a big one rip as I was watching that. God! What are they teaching kids these days? It's not okay to be a girl and to break wind?! I thought we were living in the 21st Century. That's positively antiquated!

"No it can't be an Iranian hacker, it's way too smart."

WHAT?! Holy racial profiling! That's ruder than passing wind under the covers!

I had to turn the movie off.


Anne said...

Your grimace series of late has me ROFLMFAO -- it's really good! Y'know, teeth in dreams signifies money, according to some 19th century dream pundit. I think they signify stress... at least the way you draw them. And thus, the sardonic grimace is born. Eh, don't mind me, I'm just bleeding like a slaughtered cow right now. Ish.

V.K. said...

hey Anne! yeah this new teeth series is pretty therapeutic, thanks fer comment. I never heard the teeth-means-money, not even close. I always feel stressed out about teeth dreams.

Good lord, hope you start clotting soon.