Wednesday, January 02, 2008

deetle deetle deetle

Crikey! so much going on, a stellar weekend, seemed like a half an eternity! but plenty of downtime too, art, celebration, chocolate, more art, cleaning man does that feel good. Hourly Comic Day has come and gone again, you can catch the full frontal

right here.

(I linked to my HCD but of course you can view the whole shmear by everyone too)

Tonight, a hastily scrawled flipbook, with pretty much no idea where it was going. It's set to Crab to Sun (my friend Chuck), song is old(ghosts)(new)west. The whole album is cracking good. I must to shower and then to bed for I have not been sleeping much and I am bound to feel ill effects of that sooner or later.


Anne said...

Whoa, that flipbook's a trip, especially with that particular music behind it. I didn't expect the ending. Bravo.

mcglinch said...

well done! i remember making those back in the 80s as office amusement. usually it was just people throwing up...not deep existential things like this. cool.

V.K. said...

hey thanks!

anne - I didn't expect the ending, either :-)

mcg - vomiting could be existential, depending on the upchuck! heh (but I did do some bouncing teeth balls, that wasn't too deep, but hella fun)