Wednesday, January 16, 2008

just gimme the g@*(%dm job


And post-interview.

I didn't totally blow, bomb, or fuck it up, but I am 99% sure I am outta the race for that round. Third time's a charm? I hope there is a third chance for me, even if I'm fifty freaking years old when that chance comes around that mountain when it comes when it comes. And that's not too far in the future. IF the future ever comes...... can it? The always, you know, like, in the future.

Anyway, I'm not constipated any more. But I feel bummed out. Did my crying jag after dinner, isn't that fun? When your gut is full of food and you decide that now's a good time to heave and blow snot all around?

Here's the thing - I think I'll get that LA3 job when I really believe I can do it. Now that I've done the interview, I know I can totally do that job. Yeah okay, it's my second interview. But I've seen how some people do that job, and I can totally do that damned job, and better! I just don't like all the politics. That is what sucks, and that is one of the reasons I feel doubtful about my ability to function at an acceptable capacity in that job.

Stop. Shower Time, then I'm gonna get wasted, drop a couple hits of acid, maybe eat a flat of mushrooms. No, first the party favors, THEN the shower.


Anne said...

Hold that death grimace! Workin' for a living sux, ennit?

V.K. said...

heh heh heeeeeeeeeeeee*wheeze*

darn tootin'