Sunday, January 27, 2008

across the universe

A few days ago, it was rilly cold and sunny. This is what I woke up to:

This is what I woke up to this morning:

Every year I post one of these pictures. This year, it's from a different bedroom window.

I wish I could totally relax here. I wonder how long I'll feel like my home is a pitstop. In the meantime, it's totally my home........well no not really, it's the landlady's; her presence is strong even though she's in Bolivia for another three weeks. Maybe the tension will lessen, at least for me, when I tell her I'm not going to do the garden with her. I know she'll feel relieved, but hopefully she won't feel all guilty about it and overcompensate in some other way, ya know? God. The less I see her the better. Fuck. I need to move.

In other news......I saw Across the Universe last night, at the dollar theater (well okay now it's the two-dollar theater). What a great show!!!!! I downloaded the deluxe soundtrack, it includes all the songs, in the order of their appearance in the film. Listened to it a few times today. I wasn't prepared to be so affected by it.

The bike ride home, about forty-five minutes (yeah, I'm la la), was real nice, even though it was raining raining raining. It wasn't so damn cold, it was just cold, so riding felt like a cake walk.

I got watch movie now, or Veronica Mars. Candy. La la la.


Issi said...

ooo wow, Wiki, its beautiful!

V.K. said...

hi Issi! thank you!! Good to see you :)