Saturday, January 12, 2008

say cheese!

Did I say Happy New Year yet? Ok whatever! Another turn of the screw!

Actually I'm sitting here, it's my friday night, and the windchimes outside the window up here in the studio are tinkling just enough. As in, not violently. As they have in so many days past, what with the gale-force winds and all. It's nice and calm right now. No one is yelling,

"Coco! COCO! C'mere Coco!!!!"

That would be the neighbor kid in the back who moved in a few months ago, calling to his pitbull Coco. Hey I just happen to have a video from last week. I shall go and find it and try to upload it.

Usually the yelling is around midnight-thirty. But not for a week or so. Hmmmmmm.......good. There is dogshit all over the place, it's really gross. Not so much in the garden, but some. That's gross, and unsanitary, and I don't want to eat any more produce from the garden (especially since I've been sick a few times this past month, stomach-sick).

acrylic on reclaimed cardboard, stand letter-sized sheet of paper

Hey I'm not freezing my ass off! The temperatures are staying above freezing, it's great! Two pairs of socks and yeti slippers, and my feet are actually pretty warm. Well, not cold anyway.

And with the warmer temperatures (relatively speaking of course) come spiders. Dammit!! Double dammit! I killed one last night. Confession! True story! So that it wouldn't crawl inside my mouth while I slept. I woke up with a spider bite on my cheek. Revenge of the mate, or instant karma. Shiiiiiiiiit.

I'm gonna go watch some Hollywood film now. I'm still kinda freaked out by I Am Legend, though much impressed by Will Smith's acting and I'm glad I had no idea he's on so many shit-lists.

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