Sunday, January 06, 2008


It was sunny earlier; before that, it was pissing down rain; before that, it was wet snow; prior to all that, I was asleep. Now, it's grey skies and more wet. Still and all, I need to move my arse, go for a walk, pick up some sundries at the store.

Wind's picking up again, too. I'm reading American Gods, and soon I'll be watching Stardust. All of a sudden, I'm in Neil Gaiman mode!

Here I am, messing around with another pad of post-its. At work, Charity relayed a grisly tale of a dead bird on her front stoop. I started a bird book for her at work the other day and finished it today:

Since my iMac has been freaking out (again and still, yeah), whenever I import film into iMovie and add effects, it likes to shred. In this case, it worked out pretty well I think.

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