Friday, January 25, 2008

so it goes

no dice

*ring ring ring!*

Boss: "Hi Victoria, I'm trying to contact everyone who interviewed...."

Me: "Yeah I think I already know the answer."

Boss:"I'm so sorry, I can't offer you the job this time. You were wonderful, you light up the room, you're warm and personable, intelligent, you interviewed perfectly."

So why didn't I get the job? I keep asking.

BossLady has a hard time giving constructive feedback and breaking hard news. She'll get back to me on this one. I requested a meeting, so I can hone the ol' interview skillz. Or......whatever.

The suspicion that sneaks upon me is that I'm too much of a straight-talker, too much in-your-face questioner, and they didn't want me to land the job. Been causing trouble with our whole reclassification debacle these last TWO FREAKIN' YEARS.

So much for Equal Opportunity Employment!

No but really, yesterday after I listened to someone's voicemail for forty-five freaking seconds (in which she read no fewer than three scriptures from the Good Book) before I could leave a message to remind her of the class she signed up for on saturda ; and after most of the other people I talked with that day interrupted me before I could instruct or direct them thoroughly; and after listening to all the bitching and moaning that the reference librarians on desk slung around in the afternoon; and after I endured what for most reference librarians is a minimum of human humanity (read: filthy, disrespectful, dirty, inconsiderate, priggish, and otherwise offal)....I decided it's not such a bad thing after all to remain in my corner.

The money would be nice, though. I gotta figure out a way to sell some shit. Art shit, you know, the good shit. I'm so bad at marketing.




Anne said...

Aw, maaaaaannn! I'm sorry those bums don't appreciate your skillz. Don't you just hate it when people [especially those with whom you work, fer fuck's sake] don't want to hear/say/acknowledge the truth? Yeah, right, people, just live in la-la-land, where you can just pretend everything's okay all the time.... Got news for those folks who think they're viewing the world through rose-colored glasses: that's blood on the lenses.

Anyway, Fuckin' A, Vic, they're lucky to have ya. Hope you've given yourself permission to drown your sorrows however need be in order to get past the shortsightedness of others.

V.K. said...

yeah well you know.......thanks for the words Anne!

Actually, I only wish I had the extra hours, the more money, and the fun learning -- the actual job, dealing with all the messy people, doesn't sound too awfully appealing.

To drown my sorrows.......I am being even more of a recluse, but I am not drowning, I'm over it :)


陳奕迅Eason said...


V.K. said...

ha ha ha! you don't say, Eason! That's the funniest shit I've heard all year!

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