Saturday, January 05, 2008

talkin'bout ghosts

Tonight it was all about process. No, I'm not kidding. I was gonna just give in to doubt, but then I decided to just pick up a pencil and just mess around. Glad I did. I love being absorbed by drawing. There are some things I really like about this one. The wonky stuff is okay too.

And what is up with this weather?! My god! Snow, hail, wind, rain, we got it all.

That is all.

oh wait! John Campbell, originator of the Hourly Comic Day, has made the forum for the 2008 gig! So on February 1st, there will probably be a couple hundred of us doing this thing and posting to a central location. yee haw!

For reals now. That is all.


Tony LaRocca said...

Groovie stuff, as always! Hope this is a good year, without any broken bones.

V.K. said...

hi hi hiiiiiii! was wondering how you are - how you are??

thanks for well-wishes, back atcha Tony, no bad backs!