Tuesday, January 08, 2008

say cheese

cue circus music

It is so wettey out there. Falling wet and wind. And more of the same. Ugh! I must to make myself go out in it though, and ride my bike; otherwise, I'll sit here on my arse-end all day and I will regret the inactivity. Plus, there is a place I want to look at, to rent. Yesterday's encounter with The Landlady was SO gross to me. She's leaving for six weeks, traveling south america. I could be gone by the time she returns. Just don't wanna be around someone who treats me like she does, barf-o-rama. Quite serendipitously, my friend Robin from work called me last night and told me about a place that her friend is renting out, adjacent to his house. I'm gonna do a ride-by.

*girding loins*

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