Monday, November 19, 2007

93 to go

Oh me goddy god I'm glad I went arsing about out in the garden before that torrential front moved in. All morning, it was sunny and dry (relatively speaking......nothing ever really dries out around here). I dithered around inside, inside my jammies, up in my room thinking to go for a bike ride. So I did, and by this time it was early afternoon, and was pelted with pelting rain. A fair bit of wind too. But damn it, I enjoyed myself and the hot shower afterwards! Oh yes! Cleared up for a moment this evening, here - this is to remind myself during the long winter months ahead that the sun really does exist:

I'm doing heads now. One hundred of them. I found this picture on flickr, of a guy. And I spent some time studying it and I liked it a lot. Turns out he's a cancer survivor (TWICE, no less). I learned this through a person who holds him in special regard - the set where I found the photo. Meanwhile, my favorite illustration blog for all things high and lowbrowlustrous ran a post about a 6000 Heads project. And I am transfixed by all these heads with faces on them. And I put the two together and I am doing one hundred heads of a guy named Jason, here are seven so far:

still alive

take two

number the three

4 of ?

sixième de l'homme Jason

numero seis

fifth event

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