Wednesday, November 21, 2007

groundhog day

I'm referring to the rapidity and repetivity with which the days are passing - wasn't I just sitting here doing this same thing this morning in the dark and it was cold? Well it is cold and dark again and I am having much fun dicking around on the computer tonight. And, making art. Revisiting my old flame, printmaking, after a rather long hiatus. The sketch was ok, it's fun to be able to draw something recognizable, but really it's so straightforward and well, honestly, quite boring to behold. Thus the little flamey squirrelly hairdo and the pointy ear so he's a bit of the devil (may care).

from concept sketch....

the sketch

to print....

the print

to sticker! heh heheh.....three for the price of one

three for the price of one

Wanted to do something different for the actual print. I am always fascinated by Kathe Kollwitz's self-portrait print. So I reference it a lot and someday I may even begin to approach the depth and texture she manages to convey so effortlessly through simple line.

Mah toes need some heat! I'm gonna watch some Art:21 on DVD before I fall over sleepified.

ps, did you know that by February 2009, there will be no more analog TV? It's all gonna be digital. Which means if you haven't bought a new TV with these digital-loving devices, you will need to buy a transformer if you want to watch even the local 'free' channels. Worry not. The government, hereafter to be referred to as Ya Big Thugs, has provisioned for each household to receive two (2) coupons worth forty (40) or maybe it's thirty (three times ten) dollars to help buy said transformulators. Expected cost for these miracles of technology: around 70 smackers.

I am so so so glad that TV is not one of my vices. I have my hands quite full already, thank you.

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