Saturday, November 24, 2007

dem bones dem bones

Evenin' goyls and gents. Finally I am snug as the proverbial bug in a rug. I guess it must be hovering at freezing instead of plummeting into the 20s. Makes a big difference, you know. Two pairs of socks and yeti slippers are enough when it's this warm.

There was frost on the windows yesterday morning. No, on the INSIDE of my upstairs windows. And I, the starving artist in my garret, making due with gruel and weak tea. Oh yeah right whatever. I would still rather work one job, part-time, and neglect to turn the heat on at night, instead favoring an extra extra blanket.

Tonight, the electricity is out again....this time it's downstairs. Ok be careful what you wish for. When I was looking for a place to move into, I was okay with 'funky'. But I'm not okay with it any more. The folks are out of town, and my breaker box is inside their house, next to their breaker box. Luckily, the fridge, oven and stove are on a line that wasn't affected by my extracurricular electricity maneuvers. One too many lights on in combination with an iron and a vacuum and POOF.

SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO freakin' glad that the upstairs is lit; otherwise I would be seriously eff you see kay'd. I would be riding my bike over to Jacque and Marsha's, is what I would be doing.

It's nice going to work. It's always a comfortable, even slightly warm, 72 degrees. No wonder so many people off the streets clamor for the easy chairs and set up camp for the day. They do. And they leave their gear strewn about if they wanna step outside and roll a cigarette. It's cool. I know one guy who sleeps under a bridge. He's a good guy. He treats me right - doesn't give me the leer-eye, speaks to me and not my arse-end or my front-end-shelf. Damn funny too, and polite, but not saccharin. Genuine. But he asked me if I was chilly riding in this morning and yesterday and I said fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah man it was cold out there! Froze my ass off! And he laughed and gave me the high five. I can't believe he's out there sleeping. But, it's kind of his choice. He won't work for Tha Man, or Ya Big Thugs.

Anyway. It's good to reminisce. And draw, and paint. Here is some stuff from the last several days. I've been taking a little dive, a small plunge, if you will: painting without sketching in pencil first. With those Heads of Jason. Yup.

Watercolor in german-english dictionary of my flickrfriend Mara

Queen of the Night

(I did sketch in pencil first for Mara)

And then we have:


free man

I painted these that even a word? does it even mean what I want it to?...they weren't exactly successive paintings, as I worked on them simultaneously. A new thing for me: acrylic on wood. 4 x 4".

Here is what a flickrfriend calls the Jason Totem:

three heads are better than one

just add water

Another's a good thing I suck at drawing the exact same head (person, features, face). Slim to none chance of losing interest in the project or becoming utterly redundant....

And for tonight, guess who? Yes! You guessed right! Another Jason. Postcard sized, on some print paper. Crayola markers with gel pen. Love the guy's nose, very fun to accentuate.

what's that you say?

I go watch movie now. In warm upstairs with yeti slippers and salted broth.

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