Thursday, November 08, 2007

wot wot wot?!

I managed to scrape up another grubb for Free Art Friday. But before I post that, I would like to share with you why I like winter, since I am trying to be brave and positive about the upcoming dark, drizzle, cold and general oogyness of this celebrated season. See when it's dark so soon, I think it's really really late, like 10 o'clock. Like in summer. But no! It's only 4:30, and there are scads of hours left in which to do art projects before I have to put my jammies on and go to bed!

Winter. I love it.

Grubb for Peace.

So my pal Mara aks'd me if I would consider posting some pics of my newly henna'd hair, so one might see the sheen achieved. Well, since there is no sunshine to glorify the glints, nor will there be until July probably, an overhead tungsten/flourescent mix (one of each) in the bathroom booth will need to suffice. These were taken after wearing my bicycle helmet to and from work. Bear that in mind.

Now, you will see that I have on several layers. Under the plaid hoodie with industrial zipper (one of my favorite thrift store scores), there is an Old Navy Sweater (another score from a thrifty store). And under that, there is a soft long sleeved shirt (which I'll have you know, I bought at Target, not at a 2nd hand store, so alert the press). And under THAT, is a very comfortable long tank top (guess where I found it). Yes. I am warm and cozy. And do not doubt that my tootsies are inside the yeti slippers. Well, first they are inside two pairs of socks.

I think I lost sight of the fact that I was supposed to be showcasing my hair.



frogstar said...

poem for the glorious victoria.

i like your grub!
i like your hair!
i like your clothes,
(those things you wear!)

i like the winter
when it's cosy,
a good warm fire
make cheeks so rosy!

V.K. said...

awwwwww!!! I love the poem!

I read it once!
I read it twice!
All with some chicken
soup with rice!

thank you froggyluv

Tonje said...

Another poem for you, dear
to let you know I've been here.
Thanks for sharing
all your fun
It brights my day like the sun...

Haha... this was fun... I couldn't resist.... Take care!

V.K. said...

Tonje so sweet
and I so lame
because I've not
been much the same
in writing back to you
I fear
I'm losing ground
how to regain?!

awwwwwwwww....thanks so much. Sweetie. Are you moving back to Norway then?!