Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sharpie Tshirt Revolution

So sorry for neglecting you all these past several days. For shaem! Sheme. Shema. Shemaymay. Isn't that from In Living Color, or SNL? What's the funniest thing you've heard lately?

I'll tell you the funniest thing in my recent memory.

Ok no I won't, it's nasty.

No not really, I'm just at a loss and though I've laughed my arse off plenty, I think you had to be there.

I finally caved and turned the heat on downstairs. I could see my breath, it was so cold. And I didn't want to come home, it was so cold. And I didn't want to come out of the warm bed, it was so cold. I hope I don't pay through the nose. It is an unusually cold winter. But now, I feel so much better, my hormones are on an upswing, my landlady is being cool, and although a certain coworker is up to her usual tricks, I would be more worried if she were not. My humor has returned after a two-week absence, and I am relishing that.

Been plugging away in the studio, dodoling, or doodling as the kids these days say, and I found a photo on fluckr or actually it's flickr, and so I watercolored my own version here:


If you click the picture you can be directed to the flickr photostream and get the full story. Such as it is.

Over on fluckr are many more, well a few more, photos of what I've been up to mucking around with art stuff lately. But what I'm most excited about now is taking sharpies and tshirts to task!

This is for Megan, who turns 12 in a few days:

That was last night's foray. Oooh so fun. And tonight I did another Jason head for my Hundred Heads of Jason Projekt:

heh heh heh. Wouldn't this be natty with a blazer and a pair of Docs? Wouldn't it just? Too bad I own neither. But tomorrow, black jeans and skater shoes will suffice.

heh heh heh

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