Wednesday, November 14, 2007

school pictures

.........oh, fine I guess. A bit bloated and feeling like a stuffed sausage, really. And my hand-eye coordination has gone south for the winter, apparently, because I can't draw worth a damn the last few days. And you?

blah blah blah

I wish I was a skinny little kid again, with no cramps or weird attitudes about food, sex, intimacy, or large pink elephants. A kid who is at the mercy of a well-meaning but barking mad mother.....okay I'll just stay in the present. Wrinkles, fat cheeks, cellulite, and all.

Ooh I'm in a foul mood. Okay, check my hormones at the door next time!

Eroica posted a pic of her cute kid self with a cowlick, so I'm posting mine:

(here's first grade)

I picked out the shirt myself. I've always loved t-shirts above all else. I was sooooo proud of the (mostly) no front teeth.

(here's third grade)

Mom, that you made time enough to make a shirt for me was supercool, but I hated the ruffles. And the material. And I was taken by surprise when the lady styled my hair, I'd no idea she was emphasizing my embarrassing cowlick and about pissed my shorts when the pictures came back.

Wouldn't mind that cowlick now though.

(here's sixth grade)

oh, wait a minute..........


frogstar said...

you are super cute, then and now.
loving the grin in the first grade pic, and the hair in the 3rd grade one is just stunning!

V.K. said...

tee hee, aw thanks!

double xxx

Grinning Mouths said...

wow, so hippie-ish!
ah, hip-ish, i do mean!

V.K. said...

hmmmm.....are you a blast from my past, or my recent past, or my immediate past?