Monday, November 05, 2007

a leetle ketchup

Hey diddle diddle!

My tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey. And learning how to play around with gradients in Photoshop.

This morning, I finally did a collaboration with Jack, who sent me a postcard-sized slab of wood (several weeks ago) with his first-ever stencil......niiiiice!......then I filled in the rest. Sharpies, gel pen outline, acrylic.

Some mail art for me pal Haddock!

And, a doodle with gel pen and colored pencil. Imported into Photoshop. Playin' with backgrounds.we're in it for life

Yesterday I headed on over to do some art with Jacque. I brought along some stuff to work on this collaboration with Miss Manou who hails from Germany. She sent me a passel of stickers, and these fishies. I collaged them onto a canvas that Jacque had done years ago (the rust-colored ink squigglies), then airbrushed on shadows, bubbles, and 'seaweed'. Thanks for the awesome donation, J. MissM, you are a fabulous playmate. The size is's big, my biggest piece thus far. I'll upload another picture for perspective on that.

click on it fer a big 'un, it's quite delightful

Hey, it's Jacque and Marsha!

Here we go now. Dressing up our dear Mr. Eugene Skinner, sitting in eternal contemplation outside our public library. Stefan Bucher supplied the mask. Heh heh. But I needed my scarf, and pointy hat so I rode away with those but I left Mr. S the mask.

Twas ch-ch-chilly today! I made pie tonight.

I leave you with this:


mcglinch said...

good stuff. like the myopic spoon thing. really feel that gut connection with their posture. did you pshop the reflection in the spoon? looks like you held the spoon up to the drawing and took the photo then laid the characters on the spoon. just wondering.

Tonje said...

You've been busy! I don't think Mr. S would mind you taking your pointy hat back since he has another hat in his hand.... lol. Great stuff!

V.K. said...

hey McG! I'm glad you stopped by - I know that I could find you again by a circuitous route, but I lost allllll my bookmarks and you were one of them. Yeah, I did take the reflections shot by holding the drawing above the spoon - good guess and thanks for noticing the reflections :-) It's fun noodling around. Oh yeah then in another layer I put the characters on to the spoon.

hi Tonje! Good to see you too! Heh heh you're right, Mr. S has plenty of hats.

V.K. said...

crap I just noticed I uploaded the picture that isn't cropped and that spoon is floating out there, how gauche. I shall change that forthwith.

陳奕迅Eason said...