Friday, September 21, 2007

6:30 am

The spider that was living next to my bed, in the air between the nightstand that Jacque built and the ceiling, finally packed up and moved on.

I must say I am pretty proud of myself for letting it be, instead of shooing it away (or killing it). I hope it did not crawl inside my open snoring mouth last night.

Time for work!

6:30 am


Rrramone said...

Spiders is good protein!!

Anne said...

Yeah, I was gonna say... "packed up & moved on?" Naw, he prolly just crawled into your mouth and you ate him in your sleep. Mmmmm. Harper's Index once printed that the average person in a lifetime eats 9 spiders during sleep. Where do they get this stuff? And who does the research??

How are you? Hope you're not too muted by the weather. I'm prepping for a 4-day parental visit this coming weekend, so busy-ness precludes mutedness. Watch out, non sequitur.... WHAM: Come read my rant about Dell on the blog. G'night!

V.K. said...

I'm back - MY computer was in the shop for over a week!

Oooh let's see then, your parents have yet to arrive. I'm wishing you welley (wellingtons, weather, er.....whatever).

The spider who is camping out in the other corner of the ceiling has been living there (on air? I see no bugs in the web) for...since before my computer went sick (we think the hard dive is on its way to failure but....whose isn't??).