Saturday, September 01, 2007

holy mother of god!!

"I am going to eat YOU!!"

The zucchinis are positively goliath!!!!

I am not kidding.


Zhenia said...

I'm going to my mother-in-law's place this afternoon. I am terrified at how large the zucchini will probably be. The last time I was out there, we found a pattypan the size of a dinner plate.

V.K. said...

oooh yeah, I just picked up one of those yesterday too -- from the table where gardeners place their overflow for others to take (which is pretty funny but no one I know grew any pattypan this year).

have a fun day out, Z!

mcglinch said...

sure that's not a watermelon?
nice zuke!

V.K. said...

no kidding eh? Ya turn your back for a second, and look what happens!

They grow up so fast these days.